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Special Events

       World Environmental Day (June 5, 2021)     Earth Hour (March 27, 2021 8:30pm your local time)      Earth Day   (April 22, 2021 - 50th Anniversary!)    

       24 Hours of Climate Reality (Oct 10-11, 2021 5pm-5pm CT 2021)        Project Green Challenge (Oct 1-31, 2021)     


       Fri Nov 4th 1pm CDT Mental Health & Our Changing Climate: Impacts, Implications & Responses 2021 Webinar APA/EcoAmerica

       (Oct 31-Nov 12th UK)   COP26

       Mental Health & Our Changing Climate 2021 APA/EcoAmerica Report (Update Nov 4th!)     

       Debra Rowe Presentation    


       Ample Harvest     Growing Hope Globally Foodprints For The Future (Matt Damon's Organization)    

       World Business Council For Sustainable Development    National Resource Defense Council     

       The Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education   Center for Renewable Energy Advanced Technological Education Support System (CREATE-SC)

       Higher Education Association's Sustainability Consortium    US Partnership For Education For Sustainable Development

       Interstate Renewable Energy Council    US Green Building Council    Earth Policy Institute    

       Do Something (Teens)   Second Nature    Green Corp   

       Society's Grand Challenge - Global Climate Change (APA)    This is Psychology: Climate Change (APA)    EPA: Learning & Teaching About the Environment

       Abundant Earth Foundation       


       Blue Planet:  E 1    E 2    E 3    E 4    E 5    E 6    E 7    E 8

       Blue Planet II:  E 1    E 2    E 3    E 4    E 5    E 6    E 7


       The Need to Grow    Plastic Wars    DamNation    The Lost World    The Church Forests of Ethiopia    Albatross    Cowspiracy

       Minimalism    Chasing Coral    Chasing Ice    Shifting Sands (Email me for Password)    Sonic Sea    Waston    The Game Changers

       The Story of Stuff    The Story of Plastic    Jeff Bridges - Plastic   

       The Story of Microbeads    The Story of Microfibers    The Story of Water    The Story of Cosmetics

       The Story of Bottled Water    The Story of Cap & Trade    The Story of Electronics    The Story of Citizens United v FEC    The Story of Broke    

       The Story of Change    The Story of Solutions

       Wasted! The Story of Food Waste    Hope: What We Eat Matters    Bluefin    The Oyster Farmers    

       The Monsanto Papers    The True Cost    Treeline: The Secret Life of Trees     The Tallest Trees      Breath of Life

       Planet in Peril: (2007)    Part 1    Part 2      Oil on Ice: Part 1      Part 2      Part 3      Part4      Part 5      Part 6

       The Mystery of Happiness: Whose Got It & How Do You Get It?  Part 1     Part 2     Part 3    Part 4     Part 5

       Gasland (2010)       Gasland 2 (2013)       Carbon Nation (2010)    The 11th Hour (2007)

       Tapped (2009)  The Last Mountain Movie (2011)    Six Degrees Could Change the World (2007)

       Floating Garbage  Toxic Garbage Island  

       The Surprising Science of Happiness - Daniel Gilbert    Why We Make Bad Decisions - Daniel Gilbert    Flow, the secret To happiness

       Born To Be Wild (2012)     What A Wonderful World (BBC- Sir David Attenborough)    

       Bill Gates on Charlie Rose (2016)      Al Gore on Charlie Rose(2006)      Al Gore on Charlie Rose (2007)      Al Gore on Charlie Rose (2013)

       Water Blues Green Solutions(2016)      I Am Greta     


       Chris Hayes Interviews Bill McKibben      Outrage & Optimism   Living On Earth (Public Radio Station)    David Blume Interview   


       Why Doesn't Everyone Believe Humans Are Causing Climate Change?           Changing Behaviors By Degrees (APA)     45 Sustainability Resources You Need To Know    

       Go Green At Home! For Kids & Adults    Going Green In Your Home     Combat Climate Change At Home    Going Green At School Guide   

       The Sustainability Guide for College Students on a Budget   

       The Touchy-Feely (But Tottally Scientific!) Methods Of Wallace J. Nichols Outside Magazine - Dr. Nichols      A Friend of the Sea: Wallace J. Nichols, PhD Experience L!fe    

       99.99% Scientist Agree Climate Change    Wind Power 140% Denmark    Air Pollution Lower Birthweight Babies (SA 2013)

       Solastalgia & What to Do About It    

       The Secret To Happiness by David Myers      Who is Happy? by Myers & Diener    The Smiling Professor - Daniel Gilbert


       Blue Mind: The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under the Water Makes You Happier, Healthier, More Connected & Better At What You Do by Dr. Wallace J. Nichols (2014)    

       "Bright-Sided: How The Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America" by Barbara Ehrenreich (2009)    The Pursuit of Happiness by David Myer     

       Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert

Blue Mind

       Dr. Wallace J. Nichols      Dr. Nichols 8th Annual Online Blue Mind Book Club (2021)

       Fuzzy Sharks Interview      Water Blues Green Solutions      Blue Space Relieves Stress

Going Green

       Environmental Calculators    Green Cleaning Tips for Home or Office    Kids Guide to Saving Energy     How To Go Green With Your Vehicle     Green Cleaning Home


       Plastic Recycling Numbers      Recycling Cardboard Boxes    Recycling Around the Home      Recycling Saves Money      Oberk-Recycling Glass, Plastic, and More

       The Complete Guide to Recycling Electronics      E-Waste Recycling     


       3 Winds Farm      Alsip Nursery


       Solar Energy      Top Solar Energy Myths (The Climate Reality Project)      Solar Photovoltaic Lecture      Solar Ready Vets (

Sustainability Degrees

       Sustainabilty Degrees/Careers   Green & Sustainable Jobs & Career Resources (Debra Rowe)   A Guide To Green Careers    Go Green With Your Degree Guidebook    

       Turning Green Degrees Into Sustainable Careers    

KCC Resources

       Archives Green Scene   Archives Green Minute   Archives Green Drinks    KCC's Renewable Energy Technician Videos

Community Work

       Stelle Community   


       Allbirds Shoes      Beekman 1802 (Check them out on HSN & QVC also!)      Grove Collaborative      Hello Tushy      Mermaid Trash